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“The artist was not present for the weeklong dismantling of her giant Baby and declined to be interviewed. Concerned about the emotions she’d suffer, her staff packed her off to a house in the woods. But rather than mourn the departure of her creation, Ms. Walker ought to take heart from her contribution to the grand tradition of ephemeral art. From Michelangelo to the Buddhist monks who make — and destroy — sand mandalas, artists have always been intrigued by impermanence.”

Rather than mourn the dismantling of Kara Walker’s marvelous installation, Blake Gopnik wants us to celebrate as part of the long history of ephemeral artworks, a history that includes Michelangelo and Buddhist monks. READ MORE.



I’m honored that my little existential robot story, “We Were Not Made for This World” (first published in Project Telstar by AdHouse, later collected in Let Us Be Perfectly Clear by Fantagraphics) is being made into a film. All the shots that director Colin West McDonald has sent me so far have me itching to see the final footage…

Read more about the project on The Robot Scriptures’ site.

Love this… and just wait til they get warmed up! Nina Hynes ‘The World’ at St. Patrick’s Day ‘We Need to Talk About Ireland’ Trailblazer event March 2014.